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Who Do We Think We Are?

About the Podcast

From Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, to the Windrush deportation scandal citizenship and the responsibilities of the UK government to the people of Hong Kong, it seems that citizenship and migration in Britain are never far from the headlines. Who do we think we are? explores all of this and more. Join Professor Michaela Benson and her guests as they debunk taken-for-granted understandings of who is a citizen and who is a migrant in Britain today. 

Meet the team

Michaela Benson
Producer and Co-Host
Nando Sigona
Co-host (WDWTWA S3)
Ala Sirryeh
Co-host (Beyond the Headlines)
Emma Houlton
Producer and Editor
George Kalivis
Podcast Researcher (WDWTWA S1 & 2) and Artist
Elena Zambelli
Podcast Researcher (WDWTWA S3)
Catherine Craven
Podcast Researcher (WDWTWA S3)

Past Team members

Niamh Welby
Student Intern (2022)
Evelyn Miller
Website Designer (2021-23)