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The story of how British citizenship developed and why this matters for questions of race, migration and belonging in 'Global Britain'

Hosted and produced by Michaela Benson.

Cover Art: George Kalivis

Production and post-production: Art of Podcast 

Jul 22, 2022

For our first episode swap, we’ve partnered up with Surviving Society, the antiracist podcast that explores the local and global politics of race and class from a sociological perspective. We’re featuring this episode where hosts Chantelle Lewis and Tissot Regis are joined by public historian Aleema Gray to discuss her journey through academia and the initial findings from her PhD project - Bun Babylon: Rastafari movement in Britain.

Exec prod: George Ofori-Addo

Theme music by Joey Penaliggon
Design by Amber Jones Designs

Find out more about Aleema’s research with the Rastafari movement in Britain in her piece for History Workshop

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