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S3 E4 A New Plan for Migration?

Cover art for podcast episode on migration after Brexit

What’s changed in the UK’s approach to migration since Brexit? How has this impacted on migration flows? Who is and isn’t migrating to the UK ? In A New Plan for Migration? we consider the shape and structure of the UK’s regulation and governance of migration since leaving the European Union. Catherine Craven explains what …

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S3 E3 Bye, Bye Britain

Understandings of migration are invariably reduced to immigration, emigration neglected in framings that focus on the policy agenda of receiving states. But what about the people who leave? And why does it matter that we remember, as French-Algerian sociologist Abdelmalek Sayad stressed, that ‘every immigrant is also an emigrant’?   From the role of emigration in …

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S3 E2 Free Movement, limited

We’re talking Freedom of Movement, its role in the formation of an EU–wide imagined community, and the experiences of people who have lost their FOM rights due to Brexit. Catherine Craven explains what we mean when we talk about Freedom of Movement within the EU, its institutional underpinnings and social implications. Elspeth Guild, legal scholar …

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S3 E1 Of Kings, Songs and Migrants

What does Eurovision have to do with the Coronation? In this first episode of Who do we think we are? presents ‘Global Britain’ — our collaboration with Rebordering Britain and Britons after Brexit (MIGZEN), we’re talking about what we learn about ‘Global Britain’ and its imagined community from looking at how migrants understand major cultural events. Elena Zambelli explains what …

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BONUS Behind the Scenes

Here’s a little season end bonus, where our presenter, Michaela Benson and podcast researcher, George Kalivis go behind the scenes at Who do we think we are? They reflect on the origins of the series, the role of the podcast in challenging taken for granted understandings of migration and citizenship in the UK today. They …

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In dialogue

For the final episode of Season 2, we bring you a set of conversations about what Who do we think we are? achieves through dialogues with archival and social science research around migration and citizenship in the UK and beyond. We’re joined by former guest, Bolaji Balogun (University of Sheffield) who reflects on what excited …

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Who is a migrant?

There is nothing politically neutral about classifying and categorising people as migrants. This is a process through which certain individuals and populations are defined as migrants, whether they have crossed borders or not. It has political consequences and impacts for those who find themselves labelled as such. In this episode we turn to this always-political …

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